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About Us

EPSG Supplements Manufactures Dietary Supplements for an improved life style. All products are manufactured in the New York area in a FDA, GMP, NSF approved facility.

EPSG Supplements Proprietary Blends uses the finest raw materials available.

We take a straight forward approach using ingredients that have been proven to work!

We believe, that if you wish to have a large consumer base you need to produce both HEALTHY and QUALITY products.

EPSG was launched in 2010 and began to grow supporting the needs of many who wanted a healthy alternative to enhanced their daily routine. In 2016 the company had undergone many changes to it's corporate management and changed it's name to EPSG Supplements.

Now it's current owner has kept the product line and reaching out to the masses with the same quality you have known in the past yet reducing the cost to the end user. With over 40 Years in business and 10 years in the supplement industry we vow to bring new healthy and exciting products to you.

Our goal is to help you obtain the results you desire.

With so many Supplement companies out there why do we do it ?

We at EPSG Supplements believe if you manufacture a good product the public will buy it. While almost everyone's goals are financial, we are going a step beyond.
After experimenting with different ingredients over the years, we came up with a unique blend of ingredients. We at EPSG Supplements both formulated and manufacture our own supplements so you the consumer get the product that will work for you, No Fillers, No Fluff “Pure Supplements Real Results” All raw materials that are found in our products are tested prior to blending to be sure they meet or exceed our expectations. They are manufactured using only legal ingredients.

EPSG Supplements Inc.
Port Jefferson Station NY USA Phone 631-828-6901