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My name is Glenn Berry.
I'm one of Guy Delcorso's athletes of GUY's GYM in Hawthorne New Jersey who competed in the bodybuilding show for the National Gym Association on May 12 2012.

It was my first show and I loved every minute of it. I placed first in the Novice B Class and I also placed first in the Mens Open Light heavy Weight Class. I started training with Guy in November of 2011 and a month or two later when I started to get my diet together Guy introduced me to the High Heat and the Mass-Arrival X-treme. Both products are great and really do give REAL RESULTS! When I first started training I weighed around 235 pounds and now I weigh in at 196 pounds. You really can feel the High Heats working while training! They really amp up my energy level and the workouts become more intense! While burning off that unwanted fat the Mass-Arrival X-tremes were helping me keep my muscle mass and even after being on them for a few days my strength grew and I noticed my workouts were getting easier and I could lift more weight! Both have helped me achieve my goals and will continue to on this long incredible journey.

Glenn Berry




I am a HUGE fan of High Heat! These supplements give me the energy and focus I need in order to get in a strong, intense workout. Incorporating High Heats into my diet helped me shed stubborn fat and made me feel great. High Heat don't leave me with jitters and I never experience a crash after my workouts. I love these products and will recommend them to anyone who wants an easy boost to losing weight!


Nicole Vlacancich NGA Bikini Pro



I use EPSG this product is great it gets me focused and motivated while I'm prepping for shows. All other products out there are filled with fake ingredients . EPSG is the real deal

John Valentino
ISSA personal trainer
NPC bodybuilder

Ever since I started to use EPSG supplements I have seen tremendous changes in my body and how I feel. I have so much energy I want to workout every day. I have lost over 60lb, I was almost 300lb before taking High Heat. MicroBlast BCAA is a great product I don't get sore and achy like before  I can feel my strength increasing daily, I am lifting heavier than ever before. Mass Arrival makes me feel like I am in my twenties again, I am 54 years old and people cant believe it. I take Revival too and it helps me get a good night sleep, I feel refreshed in the morning. Overall these supplements have been a great help. Thank You EPSG, Thank You Kirk.


Ron Lindo